Apache Windsor Porch Awning - Alloy - Grey

Apache Windsor Porch Awning - Alloy - Grey
Not currently available
A great porch awning with plenty of space and features
Weight: 36.00kg (approx.)

The Windsor is a generous porch that has plenty of room, at 2.50m , and offers most of the features of a full awning, including the ability to take a bedroom or tall annexe on either side. It has a ventilated window with an outside flap, large front stub canopy, quality poly-cotton curtains, inner and outer mud-flaps, an easy-to erect, spring-linked frame and, as it is a full 3.5m (11’4”) wide, it should extend past the door and side window on most caravans. 


Frame: Alloy
Roof: Patterned Acrylic-Coated Polyester
Walls: Woven Acrylic
Wall Skirt: PVC-Coated Polyester
Extension: 2.50m (8’2’‘)
Width: 3.5m (11’4’‘)
Colours: Anthracite grey / Light grey
Sizes: Universal to fit 2.30m (7’6”) height to 2.50m (8’2’‘)
Weight: 36 kg

Main Features:
Detachable front panel = 1
Detachable end panel = 2
Doors: 2 + 2 ventilated
Foam pads = 2
Easy-erect frame.
Wall skirt. Draught skirt.
Windows = 2 + 2 ventilated
Verandah Bar

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