Dometic 966 Portable Chemical Toilet

Dometic 966 Portable Chemical Toilet
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The simple, self-contained and adult-sized SaniPottie 966 Portable Toilet provides boaters & campers with convenience and user-friendly performance.
Weight: 5.00kg (approx.)

The highly portable Dometic 966 Portable camping Chemical Toilet provides comfort, safety and high quality, reliable features for complete, enhanced hygiene and is ideal for camping trips, caravans and motorhomes.

Featuring an adult sized, accommodating toilet seat and lid for total comfort, the Dometic 966 Portable Camping Chemical Toilet also comes complete with high grade double sealed valves to stop leaks and unpleasant odours, a one-piece waste tank with integrated spout (also preventative against leaks) and uses a powerful 360° manual flush for effective cleaning of the 966 Portable Camping Chemical Toilet.

With a 19-litre waste tank capacity, the Dometic 966 Portable Toilet can be used up to approximately 50 times before the waste tank requires emptying and features up to 29 flushes per water fill (with a 9.8 litre fresh water tank). A scratch resistant finish means that the 5.4kg Dometic 966 Portable Camping Chemical Toilet will maintain its fresh, tidy veneer for years to come and will also be effortless to clean.

Up to 50 uses between tank discharges
19l waste tank capacity
9.8l freshwater tank capacity
Full size seat and lid provide comfort and support
Sturdy construction - one-piece tanks won't leak
Attractive, easy to clean matte finish
Double sealed valve prevents leaks and odours
Large discharge opening empties detachable waste tank in one motion
Push pump to add water or flush bowl
Pull handle to empty bowl
Side latches to separate upper and lower tanks
Weight: 5kg approx

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