Mer Ultimate Shine Polish - 1 Litre

Mer Ultimate Shine Polish - 1 Litre
Not currently available
Cleans, shines and protects with MER's 'Auto Shine Technologie'
Weight: 1.20kg (approx.)

The MER Ultimate Shine Polish cleans, shines, and protects your vehicle's paintwork. The formula includes MER’s ‘Auto Shine Technologie’ conditioning agents which nourish and restore dull paintwork whilst removing small scratches and swirls at the same time. This product is the final step in making sure your paintwork is prepared for wax application.

To use MER Ultimate Shine Polish, pour a small amount on to a soft lint-free cloth and apply in a circular motion, avoiding the plastic trim. Allow the product to dry to a haze and then use a clean microfibre cloth to buff off the product to get a high gloss finish.

Comes in 1 litre bottle.

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