Pennine Leisure Universal Mains Water Adaptor Kit

Pennine Leisure Universal Mains Water Adaptor Kit
Not currently available
Suitable for use with Aqua Roll, Aqua Caddy, Aquaruis, Roly Poly and Waterhog water carriers.
Weight: 1.50kg (approx.)

This universal easy to fit mains water adapter kit simply screws onto the side of your water container and all you need to do is connect the hose provided to the adapter and the other end connects to the mains water supply tap.

The water connection uses an automatic float valve to turn the mains supply on when the water carrier begins to deplete, and off when the levels are topped up, meaning that you don't have to worry about re-filling your water carrier, running out of water mid-wash, or overflowing containers.

  • Can be used with any caravan
  • Easy to fit to threaded tap if available on site
  • Good quality of water held if mains supply is affected
  • No mains pressure inside caravan so eliminates danger of flooding
  • Includes easy to fit ball valve with storage box and fitting instructions
  • Includes all required caps and fittings
  • 7.5m food grade tubing
  • 2x Metric and imperial Tap connectors
  • Exclusive non-return ball valve
  • Hose extension connector
  • Universal cap fitting
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