U-Level - The Wireless Levelling System

U-Level - The Wireless Levelling System
Not currently available
U-Level is a wireless levelling device for towing and pitching caravans and motorhomes at a campsite.
Weight: 0.75kg (approx.)
U-level is an innovative electronic, remote levelling device designed to make levelling of caravans and motorhomes easy and simple.

It allows one person to level a caravan or motorhomes unassisted, ensuring they can be quickly set up and level so you can enjoy your break.

Getting your caravan or motorhome exactly level is a time consuming fiddly process, especially for short stays. With U-level you can take the stress out of the arrival and set up.

Easy to use - from your car or cab, U-level tells you how level your allocated pitch is and helps you set up within minutes.

Refine your level – simply place the radio transmitter in the centre of your caravan or motorhome and then use the receiver to accurately tell you it's level as you manoeuvre in to position.

Versatility - use U-level to check your caravan is correctly set up before towing, it can also be used for home DIY projects with all the benefits of a remote display.

U-Level is simple and easy to use
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