Wastemaster Economy Waste Carrier - 38 Litres

Wastemaster Economy Waste Carrier - 38 Litres
Not currently available
New for 2019 the Wastemaster Economy
Weight: 4.50kg (approx.)

This 38 litre Wastemaster ECONOMY wastewater carrier allows for the convenient disposal rather than allowing wastewater to flow around your pitch and onto the site. The new Wastemaster ECONOMY is manufactured in the UK from recycled, polymer material, and has thinner container walls compared to the ORIGINAL PREMIUM Wastemaster. The Wastemaster Economy should be more than adequate for most people who use their caravan/motorhome for shorter holidays throughout the year.

- Capacity: 38 Litres
- Strong, dual-purpose waste carrier
- Fits easily and neatly underneath your caravan
- The ledge on the Wastemaster is designed to accommodate a toilet that can be easily attached
- Measurements: 52cm x 100cm
- Complete with luggage elastics for safe transportation

* The Wastemaster ECONOMY is not sold with a toilet cassette. *

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